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Starr Building

Starr Building Redevelopment

Botero Development redeveloped an underused property in Central Lawrenceville, converting it into an entertainment, dining, and residential destination, a true gathering point for the community.

The Starr Building, one of the largest historic properties in Central Lawrenceville, is located at the intersection of Butler and Main Streets, one of the neighborhood's most visible locations. Prior to redevelopment, the upper level apartments had been empty for 30 years and the ground level housed a discount store which was closing. Botero's redevelopment brought residents, jobs, and patrons to the location which, since it's opening in 2014, has enhanced street life in Lawrenceville and become a destination for the neighborhood and city as a whole.

Most notably, the project features a movie theater, newly built within the building's historic framework. In line with the tradition in which local movie theaters are central components of a neighborhood, Row House Cinema is meant to serve in a similar role. The theater is complemented by a craft beer retail store and tasting room, Bierport.

Botero Development owns and operates Row House Cinema, Bierport, and the six loft apartments on the top two floors. The popular - and independently owned and operated - restaurant Smoke Barbeque Taqueria was recruited as the tenant for the restaurant space, increasing the vibrancy of Lawrenceville.

Row House
-  Neighborhood movie theater
-  Theme-based programming
-  Old and new, domestic, and foreign films
Row House Cinema

-  Craft beer retail store
-  Tap room with tastings
-  Over 800 beers in-store
Atlas Bottle Works

Starr Lofts
-  Six loft apartments
-  Historic renovation
-  High ceilings
4115 Butler Street

Smoke BBQ Taqueria
-  Smoked meats and fresh tortillas
-  Locally sourced ingredients
-  3x the space of prior location
-  Independently owned and operated
Atlas Bottle Works


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